Goodwill is my favorite place for a vintage treasure hunt and there are always tons of goods that bring a sense of nostalgia.

During a recent trip, I stumbled upon a retro aluminum ice tray that reminded me of my grandparents house as a little girl; one of my household chores would be to refill the ice cube tray when empty. I was delighted to find one because I have been on the hunt for some time. Why have I been looking for one???


Using fruit and herbs helps me drink more water (anyone need a little natural flavor to help with water consumption?!). Flavored water using fresh foods also has multiple health benefits, providing multiple types of vitamins.

Thus, my vintage find is the perfect item to make infused ice and flavor my plain water. Some of my favorite flavorings include cucumber, strawberry, lemon and cucumber and orange.

I actually recently bought a ton of produce and wanted a creative way to use some of it….and that’s where this tray comes in. I would hate to see my fresh mint and citrus go to waste. Additionally, using frozen fruit, like strawberries, raspberries and mango, is both economical and always in peak season. 

So, why not cut out the daily prep work and create prepared ice for my water?! It ONLY makes sense!

During a Saturday morning with 90’s jams flowing in the kitchen, I create my flavors and added them to the tray.

The trick for clear ice is to use filtered water instead of tap water. It shows the beauty of the fruit floating in the ice.

After a few hours, my ice was ready. I added a few cubes to my thrifted mason jar and was out the door. 

I can’t wait to try more summer fruit when the seasons change, including different melons and pineapple. Additionally I am interested in creating infused butter and freeze broth cubes for cooking. In short, I’m just super excited about my ice tray and the possibilities in store!  

What would you make using a thrifted ice tray?


Amber Mixson

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