This past weekend, I started my cold weather to warm weather closet transition and took my containers of summer clothing out of storage to start integrating into my wardrobe. When unpacking and unfolding, I realized it’s now time to start rocking small strapped and strapless dresses – which got me super pumped! I’m ready to begin wearing a tad more flirty items out and about on dates and at fun events.

Today’s #MyGoodwillFind is a spaghetti strapped shiny and luscious purple Gianni Bini size 4 (small) dress that originally costs over $150+. This fancy little number hits above the knee, and is crafted with great care and detail. The front of it reminds me of a good song – the s shape with the rouching to me, is very musical and has lots of movement. It really catches my eye.

This dress would be a great gem to wear out dancing with the girls or your partner.

Gianni Bini

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Oftentimes during the summer and spring, dance halls get warm – so this is the perfect classy piece to keep you cool.

Before going out dancing, you can wear this dress at dinner with any type of jacket. A motorcycle style jacket would add edge, and a colorful or solid blazer for a sophisticated sleekness.

In terms of footwear, you definitely want to be more comfortable if you’ll be on your feet, so shorter heels or wedges will do just the trick. As you can see, this dress is loud and bold in color, so it might be best to play it subtle with the color of your shoes. Blacks, nudes and beige’s will all look fabulous without drawing too much attention away from the dress.

Mix It All Up

Image from Polyvore

Regarding jewels, metal tones will work, but since this dress has a warmer undertone, I’m envisioning gold and similar tones will look the best. However, if silver is more of your type of color, then go for it!

Even though this dress is basically a party in and of itself, fun bling can heighten your look even further. A modest dangle or bold stud will catch some eyes without going too much over the top. Maybe even a style of hoop will work – just nothing too big. Large hoops might clash too much with the already detailed dress.

How would you rock this fun and flirty musical party dress, fashionistas?