Dear readers, did you catch the buzz about the very first Google Fashion Trend Report published last week? Well, if you missed it, it is definitely worth checking out. While there were a few things on the sustained growth trends section that came as no surprise (tulle skirts, high-waisted bikinis, palazzo pants, etc) – there was one that just made me shudder: jogger pants.
These have recently surfaced over the last year and I just cannot get down with the trend. Apparently, I’m on a bit of an island here according to Google as this athletic-inspired style has consistently retained growth in search queries. The most horrifying part of the report? Undeniably this exact sentence, taken from page 21: “Consumers are stepping out of their comfort zone on this trend. The top most-searched style? Emoji jogger pants.” What? Let’s all just hope that is one style that accidentally went viral and subsequently will not be worn by anyone. Ever.


Here are the nightmare of fashion! Image via Google.

Google chalked in the increasing trendiness of this jogger style pant to its versatility in wearers. Men, women and children’s jogger styles were all among those searched. Fine – I can get down with versatility but the style itself is really what gets me, here. You put a pair of sweat pants on with heels, their still sweat pants in my humble opinion. Give them a cuffed ankle, still sweats. Make them in non-breathable vinyl and faux-leather blends, still sweats.

Image via Fashion Bomb.

There are some serious defenders of the jogger style that deem they serve the purpose of showing off corresponding shoe choices. That’s fair! But I have a better, more tasteful and polished suggestion for those who are aching for a pant that shows off their shoes. Try a cropped trouser or chino. It will give you a cut above the ankle that exposes your shoe sway without the tasteless scrunchy ankle or weird length sweater cuffs.

If you want a good laugh, you’ve got to read this article about Joggers posted on Runner’s World. I’d love to know your thoughts on this trend, dear readers! Am I alone in my distaste for the jogger?!