Goodwill Of Greater…Art Glass Jewelry!

And while traditional jewels — made of gemstones, glass, and other materials — have their place, art glass has a special place in my heart. Especially dichroic (two-color) glass. Art glass is usually handmade and comes in every shape, size, color, shade, metallic, pattern, texture, and translucency (from perfectly clear to completely opaque); many art glass pieces combine two or more colors and/or other aspects. You can actually make art glass at home, especially small pieces like jewelry, if you have a space that is well-cooled and well-ventilated enough.

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One Shirt, Three Looks, Five Dollars!

Not wanting to store hop any longer, I decided to do what any experienced thrifter would do – I began to shop the other sections of the store! After spending less than 10 minutes in the men’s section, I lucked up and found a pastel-colored gingham oxford shirt for $4.99! This shirt would look great as-is on my husband but I wanted it for myself. Now I know what you may be thinking, how will an oxford shirt turn into a wrapped skirt?

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