Dear readers, I’m writing to you from Penn Station today as I make my way back from a lovely (and freezing) weekend in the Big Apple. While I was on personal business, I made sure to hop around to a few savvy shopping spots. You know I can’t go anywhere without looking up the nearest Goodwill store! I visited a handful of thrift stores, two of which were some amazing Goodwills.


There were so many of these throughout the city! #DonateStuffCreateJobs

My first savvy shopping adventure was the 23rd Street Goodwill in Manhattan. Fashionistas, before entering this store, my heart was fluttering from the windows filled with amazing donations. I’m talking Fendi bags, Kate Spade heels, Coach baubles and even unopened perfume sets! The only catch about this store… you can’t just buy the goods in the window. They have certain sale days where you can come at a specific time and shop the window. Unfortunately, the next window sale isn’t until the 16th of January of this store – so I couldn’t snag a few of the things I eyed in the window but the inside contents surely didn’t dissappoint.

Goodwill on 23rd

Goodwill on 23rd


The window sale items made me drool!


Check out all the designer bags!


So many amazing accessories in the windows!

The Goodwill stores in New York are full of ‘samples’ from clothing lines which made for some really interesting browsing. I felt like I was flipping through the latest in fashion – all in Goodwill! I snagged one Loft piece (you’ll see it in an upcoming haul post!) that was stamped ‘sample’. I am unsure if the ink will come out but if not, I plan to layer a sweater over to hide the stamp.


The stores were full of ‘samples’


Every store I visited in New York = very organized!

The second Goodwill store I visited was in Chelsea. It was on 103 West 25th Street and I could’ve easily dropped hundreds of dollars and left with trash bag sized shopping loot but I did my best to practice self control! This store allowed you to shop the window which was neat – the brands in the Chelsea Goodwill were even better than the amazing ones in the 23rd street store. This store didn’t feel like a Goodwill at all  – in a good way! It resembled something like a Forever 21 on the inside. The merchandizing was outstanding. The mannequins were styled in the utmost street chic. I was definitely impressed!


Chelsea Goodwill


A very trendy interior, I’d say!

Pricing was completely fair – while a bit more expensive than our DC stores, I didn’t mind a bit considering I flipped through racks of designers that even I had to Google! And the staff in both stores were fabulous, too. Dear readers, all the Goodwill associates were so accomodating and a few even helped me as I shopped. If you’re ever in New York City, definitely pop into these stores!


Prices were definitely fair!

Stay tuned for a full detail on my New York City Goodwill haul. I’ll be sharing it soon.

Have you visited any of the New York City Goodwill stores? Which are your favorites?