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As Good(will) As Gold – Thrifty Shore-Themed Treasures

I hope you’ve been having a marvelous March, at least in some ways, my fellow thrifters!  It’s finally the first month of Spring, as well as Women’s and Irish American Month!  The month of Women’s Day, Pi(e) Day (I thrifted some mini pies from our supermarket’s clearance shelves), the Ides Of March, Fat/Shrove/Pancake Tuesday (Mardi Gras) and Ash Wednesday and Lent, Purim (I thrifted my costume), Saint Patrick’s Day (I thrifted some green bagels), the Spring Equinox, Maryland Day, and Transgender Day Of Visibility (TDOV)!

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A Virtual Visit to – and Thrifty Tour of – Some Seashores

As I’ve told you before, my family and I love the seashore.  And it’s one of our favorite thrifting themes.  We have many thrifted shore things in our home.  And many more on our wish lists.  Probably more than we could ever fit in here.  But not for lack of trying. And today, Goodwill of Greater Washington’s Shop Goodwill site had 12 shore-themed items!  So, let’s take a virtual visit to – and thrifty tour of – some seashores.  We’ll begin, of course, by putting on some jewelry.  

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Thrift Road Trip Planner: Washington, DC to Richmond, VA – 10 Goodwills in Two Days

Instead of keeping my trip planning insular and for my-eyes-only, I invite you to embark on your own Goodwill Road Trip using some materials that I’ve put together. So here I present to you a mini Thrift Road Trip Agenda for a DC to Richmond, VA excursion. I’m having us embark on a two-day weekend path, for Goodwill Road Tripping can be exhausting.

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