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DIY: Three Ways to Upcycle Pumpkins

Leave out the ho-hum and add humor and horror when you follow these simple steps to create a plethora of eye-catching (and heart-stopping) pumpkins.  Use thrift store finds to add to real pumpkins or to make whimsical ones from repurposed pieces.  Have fun with colors and design, so these festive fruits totally stand out from the creepy crowd. 

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DIY: Serve Up Heaps of Fun When Upcycling Extra-Large Wooden Spoons

You won’t need a spoon full of sugar to make this DIY project go down!  Extra-large, hand-carved wooden spoons, used for decorative purposes, get transformed for fun & function as this week’s DIY project.  One time these super big utensils make a statement as folks decorated their kitchens and eating places with them but are now, thankfully a trend of the past!

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How to Decorate a Fall Home With Thrifted Storage Trunks

It’s that magical time when the heat of the summer sun and the humid breeze starts changing and feeling fresh and crisp. That’s right! We are entering the season of fall. My favorite season out of the four. This time of year calls for cozy blankets and crisp nights by the fireplace. This is the time you transition your fun summer pillows for soft furry winter ones. The best way to store these comfy blankets is a vintage trunk! Hands down my favorite accent piece to thrift at Goodwill in the fall. 

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