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Finding Your Good Podcast: Getting to Know Chelsey Carter – Thrifting, Competing on Project Runway, and Sustainability in Fashion School

Do they teach you the importance of secondhand and upcycling in fashion school? What’s it like to thrift and use DIY skills while competing on Bravo’s, Project Runway? Chelsey Carter, Founder/CEO at Alex Carter, is the go-to expert to answer these unique questions.
On this episode of Finding Your Good, Chelsey shares her thrift story, explores what it’s like to upcycle a two-piece look for Karlie Kloss using Goodwill denim, and provides insight into fashion school’s emphasis on sustainability.

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Finding Your Good Podcast: All Things Authentication

A week after listening to this chat, we were able to thrift a REAL 70’s Gucci bag for $6! Now we know what to look for when seeking vintage designer bags at Goodwill. Alison, Jason and Joelle dive into all things authentication, designer and vintage. They break down how to authenticate thrifted designer fashions, methods of dating luxury vintage pieces, and ways to value hard-to-find secondhand treasures. May this episode be your pocket designer authentication guide!

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Finding Your Good Podcast: Summer Sizzle

Yes, your favorite summer romper CAN be worn in the winter. It’s all about styling, baby! If you’re looking for inspo on ways to make summer fashion staples work for any season, or just some handy tips about thrifting at Goodwill for warm-weather pieces, join us for our first episode of Season 2! We’re sitting down with five thrift pros to discuss how one can thrift for summer treasures, where to find the best of the best, and ways to compose looks that incorporate summer items year-round.

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Finding Your Good Podcast: Strike a Pose

Arielle Lewis is a mega photographer to DC’s most popular style influencers. A self-taught lady boss who now photograph’s the district’s most fashionable full-time, Arielle shares her pro tips on taking pictures of street, luxe, and thrift style. She provides suggestions on everything from what patterns to consider when photographing vibrant outfits to where you should source props for desired backgrounds.

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Finding Your Good Podcast: Working it at Work

The workplace fashion police have laws that are always changing. What colors can be worn at work? Skirts or pants? Will I be arrested for this dress? It all can be very hard to keep up with – making dressing for success difficult to navigate. But with the expertise of local fashion and lifestyle influencer, Tiffany of Policy and Fashion, we can explore the creativity and affordability of work attire and what it means to work it at work.

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