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Noodle on This DIY: Fun Flowers From Pool Accessories & Goodwill Finds

Here’s a DIY project to ponder and noodle on for a moment: transform those foam floaties into fun flowers for your next family function or neighborhood gathering!  You won’t need to think about it too long before you start because they are so easy to create and add a pop of color to any space—indoors or out!

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DIY: With a Comb, Give a Piece the Royal Beauty Treatment

A charming but tired side table gets the royal beauty treatment in this week’s DIY project.  Poured paint in purple, grays and blues then combed in a wavy, flowing manner gives a dreamy, ethereal feel. This combed paint technique has been around for centuries, often to mimic wood grain.  However, bright colors make this timeless process look contemporary, creative and cool.  This was an inexpensive because it used paints already on-hand but the result of a priceless masterpiece!

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