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There’s Still Time to Show Your Love: 2 Valentine’s Day Projects

Many of us think of Valentine’s Day in terms of the romantic kind of love, which is, of course, totally wonderful. However, I say expand it to make it a time of something special for everyone! Here are two project ideas—one is a simple gift that can be displayed all year long and the other is one that helps to express your care for your community. And both are easy, inexpensive and will certainly make your heart beat faster!

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DIY: Upcycle Away the Winter Blues by Using Weather-Inspired Design

How about using the recent snowy weather as inspiration for your next project’s design? Here’s a twist on the “ombre” approach—which is a gradual shading of colors from light to dark—using the look of falling snow. Shades of blues and whites with silver sprinkled in will have you “Frozen” in delight when you see how cool your piece will be!

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DIY: Fall in Love with 7 Easy & Fun Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

As we approach Valentine’s Day, here are seven ideas of things to lovingly make for that special someone—even if that special someone is you! There is something magical that happens in us when we take even a moment to create something. As Psychologist & Harvard Professor Howard Gardner once said, “Creativity begins with an affinity for something. It’s like falling in love.” Rock Star Lenny Kravitz also has his take on it when he said, “Love, creativity, and opportunity is in the air. Take it in and do your thing.”

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DIY Project: Faux Fur Makes Elegant Upcycle

No faking it at all with this week’s DIY project! Use a rich feeling faux fur blanket to cover the bench seat for a million-dollar look. Your investment in materials will be small, but the pay-off will be big when you reuse the fabric from a throw. Not only does it feel nice when you touch or sit on this seat, it creates a luxurious impression fit for a king or queen.

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