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Upcycle Fear (and Fun!) with Scary Centerpieces

Don’t let the high price of Halloween centerpieces leave you shaking in your shoes. For just a few dollars, you can easily make your table fearsomely festive with simple accessories, some black paint and a whole lot of ghoulishly good fun! This easy DIY project takes household items from “blah” to “Boo!” in several simple steps.

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Upcycle a Rake into a Fall Wreath or Funky Wall Art

You won’t rake us over the coals with this DIY project. Turn an old rake into a Fall-themed wreath/front door décor, perfect this time of year. Or go way out there and turn it into wall art as a “fashionista femme.” Either way, you will “fall” for this fun upcycled project that will “leaf” you smiling!

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Upcycling Can Make Your Party ROCK!

From centerpieces to themed-décor to fun accents, transform your party from expected to crowd-pleasing with these six glitzy (and easy) steps that will make you wanna be dancing in the streets!

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