As a part of my 40 Goodwill, six states, ten-day Road Trip, I made it a point to explore multiple Goodwill Valleys locations throughout the Roanoke and Shenandoah region – ranging from Lexington to Salem.

I rarely visit these stores because they’re a bit far from DC, however, they’re excellent locations to explore if you plan to embark on a weekend trip through the Blue Ridge Parkway. Some stops are right near Shenandoah National Park!

On the first and last days of my thrift trip, I stopped at the following locations:



In comparison to the DC Goodwill stores, the Goodwill Valleys stores were slightly cheaper, by about a dollar per item. Dresses in the Valleys were about $6. At DC stores, on the other hand, dresses are $8.99. These price differences were not huge and I wasn’t surprised that they varied. Goodwill prices across the nation differ and are reflective of their local economies. For example, rent to operate a store in DC is very different from a more rural part of Virginia.


Lexington, VA

I’m a huge fan of digestible bulleted points so here’s a high-level list of my store experiences!

  • Of all the locations I visited, the Lexington, VA store had the most vintage items. I found myself in thrift heaven at this spot. Don’t get me wrong, the other Valleys stores were excellent, but this one carried EXACTLY what I was looking for – 60’s and 70’s vintage clothing pieces.
  • Another store in Salem, VA had unique vintage pieces. At that store, I scored a heavy-weight vintage Coogi sweater for $4. This brand is always on my thrift wish list.
  • A Goodwill in Salem, VA has an outlet! If you love the thrill of the hunt and digging through goodies to find the diamonds, this place is a must-visit!
  • The Hollins Goodwill in Roanoke, VA had a vast selection of modern pieces by all types of labels, name brands, and designers. If you’re looking for a Valleys Goodwill that has a selection of more Macy’s and Nordstrom=type brands, stop by this location.
  • Vintage pants lovers, read this bullet! The Goodwill in Staunton, VA carried many pairs of Levi’s and Lee labels. None of them fit me, though! 🙁
  • It was fascinating to see that at these Goodwills, linens and tee shirts were organized via large metal baskets. At DC Goodwill stores, they are all on racks.
  • From a housewares standpoint, the Hollins Roanoke was a top favorite. They had tons of furniture of all decades.


Here’s a snapshot of what I found and took home with me!

$4 Vintage Mr. Dino Top in Lexington, VA
Name brand Girlfriend athletic shorts for $3 a pair. These retail for upwards of around $70 each!