As they always say, April showers bring May flowers, and now that it’s officially spring, April is JUST around the corner.
To keep those feet warm and dry on those wet days, I’m going to seriously be on the look out for a pair of funky fresh rain boots on the Goodwill racks. At Goodwill stores, boots can range up to around $13, which is an absolute steal, considering boots usually sell at least for $20.
This spring I’ll be keeping my eye out for these styles, which all have their own purposes!

Image by Polyvore.

1.) Patterned Boots
Since rain boots aren’t really something you wear year round, they’re a great footwear to really make a statement with. Typically you may wear them out when commuting to work, out walking your dog, or running errands.
I think rain boots are perfect for letting your personality shine a little bit, without going over the top and worrying about matching. Plus, if you’re into pattern mixing, like I am, this is just another canvas to let your funky flag fly!

ankle-high booties

Image by Polyvore.

2.) Ankle-High Boots
While this style might not be the most practical for keeping your entire leg dry, they are still doing the job at covering those toes!
What I love most about this type of rain boot is they look like everyday fashionable booties. You can wear this style to the office without changing shoes!
I especially love the Chelsea boot styles; they’re so edgy!

lace upsImage by Polyvore.

3.) Lace Ups
Whether they’re duck boots or combat style rain boots, this type of footwear is another kind that might look fashionable around the office for the entire day.
These styles have a trendy quality to them, which allows them to potentially be worn everyday without question.
A great aspect of this style is that there are so many options to choose from. Everything from duck boots to combat style Doc Marten cuts are all available.
Just be sure to lace these up tightly to keep your feet dry!

Which style of rain boots will you be sporting this season, fashionistas? Let me know in the comments!