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Connect Mismatched Chairs by Color for a Bold Statement

Looking for a funky, functional and visual way to show your organization’s mission while engaging your team in the process? Then, model what we did for Goodwill of Greater Washington’s new employee café: collect a variety of chairs and unite them with a bold and beautiful color. Each chair tells a story that, when combined, makes a big statement about the organization’s transformative mission and its efforts to ensure a greener community in the process.

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DIY 5-Step Spring Gallery Wall

Here are five simple steps to guide you as you create a gallery wall of your belongings that will look make them look Smithsonian-worthy, no matter the price of your collection. And you don’t have to be an artist to have a display fit for Picasso, just the willingness to try this impactful DIY project!

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Hats Off DIY: Give New Style to an Old Hat in 4 Steps

You’re gonna definitely want to toss your hat into the ring for this easy way to make a fashion statement with your head apparel. This simple DIY project gives new life to an old fedora and an old tie when combined for this stylish upcycle. So you see, two olds—not two wrongs—do make a right—a rightly handsome and unique piece of attire!

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Easy Splatter-Painted Chairs

You will see stars when you send an old chair into space–your living space (rather than the dumpster or landfill) using paint to transform it. Truly an out of the box, out of this world DIY project that will cost you next to nothing while launching loads of fun along with many compliments.

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Valentine’s Day Gift Idea: DIY Heart Collages, 3 Ways

Well, be still my heart! Here’s an easy, memorable Valentine’s Day gift (or any time of year) that your sweetie will love! Combine old frames with used papers to create love-filled art pieces. Look for images and words from discarded magazines, calendars, cards, sheet music and more to express yourself in these treasurers that will stay up long after the love letters are put away and the box of chocolates is eaten.

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Every time you donate, shop or make a gift to Goodwill, you transform lives and communities through the power of education and employment. Watch our video to learn how.

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