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Connect Mismatched Chairs by Color for a Bold Statement

Looking for a funky, functional and visual way to show your organization’s mission while engaging your team in the process? Then, model what we did for Goodwill of Greater Washington’s new employee café: collect a variety of chairs and unite them with a bold and beautiful color. Each chair tells a story that, when combined, makes a big statement about the organization’s transformative mission and its efforts to ensure a greener community in the process.

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DIY 5-Step Spring Gallery Wall

Here are five simple steps to guide you as you create a gallery wall of your belongings that will look make them look Smithsonian-worthy, no matter the price of your collection. And you don’t have to be an artist to have a display fit for Picasso, just the willingness to try this impactful DIY project!

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Creating a Sustainable – and Stylish – Home

A lot of the same sustainability principles also apply to home furnishings and décor. You can easily create a more sustainable – and beautiful—home by choosing quality used furnishings that reflect your personal style. Goodwill is a great place to start!

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Every time you donate, shop or make a gift to Goodwill, you transform lives and communities through the power of education and employment. Watch our video to learn how.

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