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DIY: Upcycle a Chandelier Into a Bird Feeder

Give your winged friends the royal treatment by upcycling an old chandelier into a show-stopping—and feather-stopping—bird feeder! This week’s DIY project is all about creating a piece of art for your garden that also serves a great function. The birdseed you provide will be even more tasty in this glammed-up feeder. It will make your local birds invite others to join them in your yard!

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DIY: Upcycle Flatware Into “Pizzazz-ware”

Take the flat out of your flatware by trying a spray paint transformation! With a little bit of paint, some rubber bands and painter’s tape, you can easily turn everyday forks, spoons, knives and more into handheld works of art. With this eye-catching DIY project, you can tailor your utensils to match any color scheme and also turn mismatched pieces into a one-of-a-kind set. For just a few dollars, you will create pieces that will be the talk around the table (socially distanced, of course!). These make great gifts when you pick the recipient’s favorite colors too. Once you see the final look, you will want to upcycle a set for yourself!

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