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DIY: You’re Such an Angel – Bulbs & Bottles Become Festive Décor

Upcycle light bulbs and glass bottles into “Oh, so adorable!” angels. Your creative juices will take flight as you combine them with small ornaments, household items, scrap paper and more. This is a really fun family activity to do this week that will have your kids thinking they are in heaven as they step away from their screens to get artsy making these one-of-a-kind pieces.

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DIY: Upcycle Items to Create Memorable Wreaths

Why just use Christmas ornaments and holiday-colored ribbons for your wreaths when it is so easy and fun to use unexpected items? Door hinges, kitchen utensils, sweaters and even neckties get a new role when repurposed as part of your holiday décor.

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DIY: Turn Old Silverware Into Gold as Hooks

Now that Thanksgiving is behind us, don’t pack away Grandma’s old silverware used once a year for the holiday. Transform it by turning old place settings into cool hooks with a bend and a twist or two! Combine these fork & spoon hooks with scrap wood to create a unique and memorable rack to hold keys, caps and more. This way, you will use those pieces from Granny all year long!

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