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Finding Your Good Podcast: Strike a Pose

Arielle Lewis is a mega photographer to DC’s most popular style influencers. A self-taught lady boss who now photograph’s the district’s most fashionable full-time, Arielle shares her pro tips on taking pictures of street, luxe, and thrift style. She provides suggestions on everything from what patterns to consider when photographing vibrant outfits to where you should source props for desired backgrounds.

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Finding Your Good Podcast: Working it at Work

The workplace fashion police have laws that are always changing. What colors can be worn at work? Skirts or pants? Will I be arrested for this dress? It all can be very hard to keep up with – making dressing for success difficult to navigate. But with the expertise of local fashion and lifestyle influencer, Tiffany of Policy and Fashion, we can explore the creativity and affordability of work attire and what it means to work it at work.

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Finding Your Good Podcast: The Vintage Vault

How can you tell if it’s vintage through a simple zipper? What are the best times to shop vintage at Goodwill? Sheena Ozzella, owner/curator of Ruby Threads Vintage, discusses starting an online vintage store, the state of vintage secondhand fashion, ways to identify vintage items through certain characteristics, and why thrift stores are to thank for her business.

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Every time you donate, shop or make a gift to Goodwill, you transform lives and communities through the power of education and employment. Watch our video to learn how.

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