You Won’t Believe What I Paid for a Le Creuset Dutch Oven

I have a list of dream cookware that I would love to make part of my kitchen collection, including a Le Creuset Dutch oven. A few months ago, while browsing the kitchenware aisle of Goodwill, a cobalt blue item caught my attention. As I lifted it, I discovered it was indeed a Le Creuset Dutch oven! However, it has been a little too well-seasoned on the bottom of the pot. Even though it was a bit beat up, I couldn’t leave it at the store for $3.99! A similar Dutch oven averages around $400.00 brand new and will last you a lifetime. 

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Why You Should Thrift Your Halloween Costume

“Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat!” In less than a month, communities all across the country will be creating haunted houses, greeting trick or treaters, and hosting costume parties in celebration of Halloween. Whether you’re planning to dress up or if you’re searching for a child’s costume, Goodwill has a variety of costumes and unique pieces available that are sure to stretch your imagination and capture your vision. 

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How to Incorporate Thrifted Summer Pieces into Your Fall Wardrobe

In my last blog post, I shared with you my love for autumn and how I was looking forward to filling my wardrobe with my favorite fall staples that have been tucked away for nearly a year. However, I realized that I own several thrifted summer pieces from Goodwill that when layered properly, can easily be incorporated into my fall wardrobe. The first one will surely surprise you!  

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How I Completed My First Fashion-Themed Thrifting Instagram Challenge

Of course, I knew I had to participate because it was right up my alley. The themes included: Favorite 90’s TV Show, Favorite Music Icon, Magazine Ad, and Brand Freestyle. The rules were that 50% of the outfit had to be thrifted and you had to post a picture of yourself and inspiration for each challenge. The easiest part was making sure half of my outfit is thrifted because around 85% of my wardrobe is secondhand. Therefore, I challenged myself to use existing items from my closet for each challenge rather than taking trips to Goodwill. 

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