8 Items You Should Thrift for Your Next Gathering

It’s that time of the year when most people are deciding whether or not they want to host Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner at their house. If you’re anything like me, you don’t need a holiday to have a gathering at your abode. Let me share eight items you should consider thrifting before visiting a party or a kitchen and dining store that would be perfect for any size event.

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Thrift Road Trip Planner: DC to Staunton, VA – 6 Goodwills in 2 Days

Instead of keeping my trip planning insular and for my eyes only, I invite you to embark on your own Goodwill Road Trip using some materials I’ve put together. So here I present to you a mini Thrift Road Trip Agenda for a Washington, DC to Staunton, VA excursion. I’m having us embark on a weekend trip, for Goodwill Road Tripping can be exhausting!

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Why I Started Thrifting Vinyl Records

I know what you’re thinking. Why would you thrift records when you could easily listen to a song on Apple Music or Spotify right? If you haven’t noticed, vinyl records have made a comeback. Since 2020 record sales have increased, largely because artists have gone back to releasing vinyl records again, and surprisingly, it’s trending with millennials. I’m unapologetically old school, I still play CDs from time to time. Purchasing records is right up my alley; I have so many memories of my dad playing records when I was growing up.

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EVENT: Preloved Bazaar at Femme Fatale DC on 9/24

Viva la preloved revolution! We invite you to join us for a preloved market full of fashion, style, and radical respect for Mother Earth. 🌎 Shop in our open-air market and step inside Femme Fatale DC for offerings from more than 70 local entrepreneurs. Do a DIY craft and catch our DJ set curated by DJ M$NP ! Enjoy upcycle projects with @alittlechickadee and finger crocheting with @thecozyexperience!

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