What Is Carnival Glass?

Imagine you are at a carnival. You throw a beanbag to knock over a stack of wooden bowling pins. They all come crashing down—except for that last stubborn pin. It wobbles back and forth a bit before finally toppling over with a satisfying clunk.

Figuring Out What To Donate

Often, I think, I have too much stuff. However, I am usually unsure of what to part with. And I know, I am not alone in this. Parting with items that you care about or have had a long time can be tough. Thus, I have figured out some tips and tricks to figure out what to donate.

DIY: Repurposing an Heirloom Trunk is a Family Affair

Here’s an idea that will have you look at all those items with fresh eyes. Repurpose an old travel trunk into a funky and fun coffee table that will make your Grannie smile. And bring a tear to her eye by making it a family-friendly activity.

Behind the Curve: Why Men Need to Start Thrifting

If you want to get a sense of how I dressed prior to thrifting, just Google “stock photo Millennial guy cardigan.” (I just did, and oof, that was me.) Clearly my closet needed an overhaul. But intense wardrobe surgery didn’t happen in one day. When I look at my closet now, I still think it needs an overhaul. In the meantime, getting dressed for work every day has to go on.

The NYC Goodwill Loves Polka Dots As Much As I Do!

A few weekends ago, my girl Jennifer and I ventured to the Big Apple for a time filled with good food, laughter, and thrift shopping (of course!). New York is my happy place and thrifting is actually quite different there.