Thrift Wish List: I Found the Chair of My Dreams

I could begin each post with how I can’t believe how much I love thrifting. It often seems like the exact item that you desire suddenly appears. This happened recently and it feels like Christmas each time.

Gobble Gobble Glue. This Upcycled Turkey Is Easy To Do.

And what better way to honor this hero of Thanksgiving than with an art project made from upcycled Goodwill home décor items!

7 Ways to Have a Sustainable Thanksgiving Celebration

I decided to kick off fall this year by thrifting several flannel shirts from my local Goodwill retail store and creating an array of different decorative and useful items including flannel coasters, pillows, scrunchies and most importantly, a bow tie for our newest rescue puppy. Here’s how my upcycling flannel adventure went!

Finding The Perfect Winter Coat: Thrifted Edition

When it begins to get a bit chilly outside, it often signals that it is time to break out the winter attire. It also alerts us to acquire a new winter coat in most cases. Many naturally think that getting their perfect winter coat needs to come from a department store or a high-end brand. Yet, that is not the case at all. You can find a perfect winter coat on the secondhand market. So, let’s explore how to do just that.

The Love of Thrift and Sisterhood

On 1/11/2020, the four of us met for Brunch at HalfSmoke in DC. We spoke about our love for Thrifting, Fashion, Makeup amongst other things. We laughed, smiled, supported and encouraged one another.