Dear readers,  one thing you don’t know about me is that I am a big music head. Music is an incredibly big part of my life and has shaped a part of who I am throughout the years. It can always bring me out of a funk, get me dancing like a mad woman…the list goes on. Simply put, music is important to me.
My love of music brings a lot of band tees into my closet…both vintage and contemporary. I must have around 10-15 of them, but honestly,  I don’t wear them as often as I’d like. They feel too casual and not sophisticated enough for a night out. But I know inside that they can be rocked amazingly, I just have trouble breaking through my own personal barriers.
When I was younger, I’d wear them all the time….maybe that exhausted band tees for me. Who knows….but what I do know is that I’d like them to make a comeback into my life. They’re comfy, interesting looking and undoubtedly a conversation piece.
So I took to the internet, perused some blogs, and found looks I liked that can brought back into my wardrobe. What do you think if these outfits, fashionistas? Should I take cues from these looks?


Image from StyleCaster

Daring in Denim
On StyleCaster, I found her rocking this vintage band tee with a pair of basic denim pants, a statement necklace and glam heels. Now this is something I could wear out dancing.
I love how this look mixes the fancy and funky with casual and comfy. I could see this being worn out on the town or a daytime outing. However, I would never wear this to work; it’s a bit too flashy.
Even though this look is more appropriate for the Spring, I bet a warm leather jacket would keep you comfortable on a breezy evening. You can swap out the heels for booties if your feet get cold.
Image from Ella and Louise

Image from Ella and Louise

Pretty in a Pencil Skirt 
Our fashionista in this next look shows us that a band tee can look a little bit fancy as well. Pair it with a pencil skirt and heels, and you’ll be set for a night on the town.
I love that this tee is more of a baseball shirt cut with a high neckline. It’s very modest, giving this fashionista the opportunity to show off her legs. It’s also not your typical baggy shirt which allows it to work with this tighter cut skirt; it’s slimming and body-hugging without appearing frumpy or messy like your typical baggy band tee.
For a more professional or warmer look, I think a plain pencil skirt, tights and a blazer would be smashing. I might try this look at the office…. 🙂

The Full Work Ensemble (Yes, it can work!)
Emily of A Devine Life shows us how a band tee can be a perfect piece for the workplace (obviously depending on where you work, of course!).
She successfully pulls together a pair of chic caramel colored booties, a rocking blue blazer, an oxblood purse and a glam bib necklace to complement her subtle band tee….and it totally works. The band tee isn’t the star of the show and is not attracting too much attention. It’s simply a component of the whole cute ensemble, and just one other interesting component to talk about as opposed to just one. The blazer also effectively hides the casual nature of the band tee, allowing it to be a practical layering piece.
What I love most about this look is the use of the glam big necklace to also elevate the look to work-wear. The neckline of the band shirt, being high cut, is the perfect type of top to wear with any bib necklace.

How do you wear your bands tees, fashionistas? I’d love to hear your tips! The looks above are just a few pairings that are catching my eye.