This past Monday, I took an evening Ziptrip to Goodwill to get my housewares groove on to add spring pizazz to my apartment. Every houseware was also discounted for DC Goodwill Customer Rewards members, which gave me an extra reason to venture out to the Rockville location after work.

When I went in, I wasn’t really on the lookout for anything in particular, however I’m always a sucker for cups, plates…and any other cool conversation-starting knick knack.


After picking up several items I knew I wanted to take home, I couldn’t help but think they all had a similar vibe: they all looked like they came from Anthropologie. It was that moment when I thought to myself, “Are these beauties actually from Anthro?” What do they have that looks similar? And then I researched!

1.) Mugs

Both Goodwill and Anthropologie carry tons of cute and funky mugs, but at Goodwill, they’re for an impressive fraction of the price. At Anthropolgie, large rustin looking mugs can cost around $15, like the one below.

Image from Anthropologie

Image from Anthropologie

In contrast, ones from Goodwill, AT MOST, cost $4. I love the pattern on these! They were under $3 all together.



2.) Decorative Plates

At Anthro, a beautiful plate can cost upwards of $30. The pattern on this one is very cute, and will certainly brighten up a home.

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 9.24.25 PM

Image from Anthropologie

However, you can find similar VINTAGE larger plates at Goodwill, that have the same vibe. This gorgeous vintage floral glass plate was under $4! I can’t wait to use it at dinner parties.

3.) Jars and Knick Knacks

Sure, Anthro has tons of adorable knick knacks, jars, and canisters that have spizzazz, but they each cost at least $10.

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 9.25.56 PM

Image from Anthropologie

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 9.26.10 PM

Image from Anthropologie

At Goodwill, you can find similar jars starting at under $1! I found this cute jar for under $2 out in VA on another Goodwill trip. I keep it on my coffee table and store candle matches inside. It’s a definitely a fun container to hide clutter.




Fashionistas, do you ever feel like Goodwill always has it in the bag when it comes to Anthro-type items? What cute home goods have you scored from Goodwill?