Fashionistas, I know this isn’t a beauty blog but I had to write about this new hair trend that I think is honestly…..just plain stupid.
When surfing the web last week, I came across this new trend among younger adults: glitter roots. What is that you ask? It’s when girls put glitter gel (is it craft glue?) on their hair roots so they look super glittery. While this may be cute for a Halloween costume or party, to wear this on a regular basis? Heck no.

goodwill trend

Image from Instagram

It looks like there’s some schmutz or gunk in ones hair that needs to be cleaned out.

I’m unsure where this trend originated, but I do know in general glitter has been all the rage as of lately. Glitter lips, nails…..glitter bombing someone via email. Society today is obsessed with glitter and now it’s exploding in everyone’s hair.
Besides it looking a bit odd, I can imagine how annoying it is to clean out of the hair. Even if you think you’ve gotten it all out in the shower, I bet glitter specks still follow you around and run off onto clothing and other people.
Speaking of having contact with others, I assume this trend is one that you don’t want anyone to mess with. No one can touch or interact with you hair. Have a boyfriend or partner? Chances are that if you’re with them, they won’t want to go near for glitter-filled hair. It might get all over them.

Assuming this trend started on the runway, it should definitely stay there. Although I’m all about expressing oneself via anyway possible, this is a bit too arts and crafts for me. On some runway looks, glitter hair looks sculptural and mod. But I don’t think the fashion designers have it in mind for that beauty trend to hit the streets. It’s more of a piece of exquisite art.

I don’t think I’ll ever try this trend, fashionistas. I work in an environment where this would never fly. Perhaps I’d try rocking it for a Halloween costume or 80’s dance event, but never on a date or regular weekend outing. I wouldn’t want it to ruin any of my clothes or stay on my body for an entire week…which we all know usually happens with glitter. To top it off, my hair is way too dark to pull off anything like this.
I give this trend a big NO. I hope it only stays a fad. And if you do want to rock this trend, I’ve seen craft glitter tubes at Goodwill for under a dollar in the office supplies section.

What are your thoughts on this hair trend, fashionistas? Artistic expression? Yes. Practical everyday wear? Nope.