Alexandria Goodwill Store

This past Saturday morning, to end the month of April, around 20 local DC Goodwill Fashionistas and I hit one of my  all-time favorite DC Goodwill spots: the South Dakota location. This was one of our best and biggest Meetups yet! Tons of people were able to make it out, everyone got to pursue the store an hour prior to the store’s opening AND everything was 50% off for the Super Saturday sale. It honestly could NOT have been better! The Meetups are becoming a hit!

I’ve been trying to hit this particular location more and more often, because it’s the only one in DC, AND it has the best designer fashions! In the past, I’ve found Lululemon, Kate Spade…as well as many other high end and name brands. It’s truly a DC shopping gem!

The morning started out with a bang, to say the least. Breakfast treats were laid out, shopping carts were rolling, and shopping began to ensue! The sound of hangers moving and ladies perusing was music to my ears.






Marikia, one of my favorite local DC Fashionistas and a good friend of mine from Goodwill events, scored this cute moto vest that fit like a glove! It was only about $4 because of the Super Saturday Sale! I’m so jealous of this find…I want one in my size! Another item on my list to find at Goodwill this season. 🙂





Fashionistas also scored literally hauls of designer goods as well, like the labels above. Marc Jacobs, Coach, Vince, Lululemon, Dolce & Gabbana were just a taste of the names that fashionistas picked up that morning. $1,000s worth of scores were purchased that morning…all for a large fraction of the price! The Marc Jacobs shoes alone were far under $10.

Nike top

Nike top

Barbie sweatshirt

Barbie sweatshirt

BCBG scrappy wedges

BCBG scrappy wedges



I also scored quite an array of awesome items, like the ones above. I’m constantly on the lookout for workout gear, so the Nike top and Barbie sweatshirt will definitely keep me looking fly at the gym.

I also hit it big in the footwear department. The BCBG scrappy wedges were practically new and were $20! These originally retail for around $300 – so I know I hit a home run on that find. These little leather ornate vintage-like booties also gave me life too, they’re brand new and unique! I can’t wait to wear them a few times before summer hits.

At the end of the day, I can honestly say that everyone seemed happy and DEFINITELY walked out with multiple treasures in hand. Overall, I had an amazing time at our Meetup. It’s always such a pleasure to meet like-minded individuals who love style and shopping with smarts. There’s honestly nothing better than shopping and meeting new people all while contributing to a great cause and providing job opportunities in the community. It is unparalleled.

Come to our next Meetup, if you couldn’t do to this one! I assure you, you won’t be disappointed. The next one is Saturday, May 28th. You can sign-up for our Meetup group here! <3