Dear readers, Thanksgiving is this week and I’m stressing out! Getting together last minute food items, checking in with the dinner’s guest list of attendees….there’s so much to do in so little time. Luckily, Goodwill has you covered in ensuring your table will look spiffy for Thanksgiving dinner.

As someone who loves both collecting dishes and dinnerware, Goodwill has been the best store to go to! I want my Thanksgiving table to not only look stylin’ but also unique. Not only do I want people talkin’ about the food – I want folks to be obsessing about my dishes!

I need a last minute trip to Goodwill to complete my table set-up. Here is a list of items that I will be on the lookout for:


1) Cups for Days

The larger your guest list is, the more cups you’ll need to help keep people hydrated! For under $1 a piece, you can find contemporary and retro glassware and mugs at Goodwill.

While a cup set might not always 100% be complete and be the exact amount that you need, mixing and matching cool cups is no longer a faux pas. As long as they look unique, you can mix and match as you desire!


2) Utensils

People always forget this, but Goodwill is an excellent spot for buying last minute cooking utensils and silverware. In fact, a lot of the spatulas I currently have are from DC Goodwill stores….and they’re all vintage!

For under $2-$4 an item, you can pick up last minute utensils and Tupperware to ensure your kitchen is fully stocked for a big day of cooking. 


3) Decorative Napkins

While it can be tempting to buy paper napkins for the holidays, it can be more eco-friendly to purchase cloth versions which can be quickly washed after a meal along with your tablecloth.

At Goodwill, I’ve found vintage 1960’s tablecloth and napkin sets, mini napkins sets….any type of napkin assortment you need for around $4 or under.

 I personally cannot wait to put some of my green and yellow 1970’s Vera cloth napkins to use this Thanksgiving. Not only were they under a buck a piece, they look like little pieces of art! So if my table guests aren’t entirely fashionable, at least they’ll look it with my napkins! 😉

What last minute decor items are you on the lookout for, fashionistas? Although Thanksgiving is days away, you can still find a few last minute necessities at Goodwill!