Wow readers, what a month already! Just the other weekend, Goodwill offered a curated collection of vintage finds during a Vintage Pop-up at Sun Cinema. The event was on Saturday, June 2nd, and oh my it was a whirlwind AND a smashing success! 

Goodwill sales area at the Sun Cinema vintage pop up on June 2, 2018.

Vintage jewelry and accessories from Goodwill stores

That afternoon, Goodwill offered over 100 pieces of hand-selected apparel along with a table brimming with vintage jewelry galore. 

By participating in this pop-up, the DC community was reminded that Goodwill is an excellent place for finding both new and retro fashions and that you don’t have to shop full retail to assemble a unique ensemble. 

Shoppers perusing Goodwill items at vintage pop-up
I pulled items for the event from three Goodwills during a day-long shopping adventure. I curated this collection of items from the South Dakota Ave, Bowie, and Clinton stores. As customers saw, these spots clearly carry a ton of retro gems at very affordable prices. 

Carolyn poses with friends who came to support Goodwill
Many awesome folks came to the event including some great friends of mine. Marikia, a Meetup frequenter and now friend even came through to support! I always love seeing her. Her style is fire! 🙂  

Mush hangs out during vintage pop-up shop at Sun Cinema
We also met many DC pups – some of them kept us company, like this fellow named Mush!

Shopper shows off her newly purchased vintage top from Goodwill

Shopper shows off newly purchased vintage shirt from Goodwill

Overall, the event was a great success. Over 200 folks rolled through our booth, with many taking Goodwill fashions home. We were even able to snag a few snapshots of folks rocking their finds outside of the pop-up – check out these 80’s tops! DC folks sure are looking fly – and for under $6.50 for each short-sleeved item. 

Thanks again to everyone again for coming out to this event! It was a great experience to have the opportunity to curate a collection of Goodwill vintage finds for the public to enjoy. I hope we’re able to do this again! Either way, remember this: Goodwill is THE spot to find affordable and unique vintage finds.  🙂