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Upcycle a Niche T-Shirt With This No-Sew Bag Tutorial

Have you ever wandered through the t-shirt aisle at Goodwill and come across designs that read, “Bob’s Paint Shop,” ‘Joe’s Famous Pizzeria,” or, Smith’s Family Reunion? Designs like these are often produced for niche events and businesses but quickly become obsolete, thus ending up at thrift retail stores or, worse, our landfills. In this post, I will show you a sustainable way to upcycle your niche t-shirt into a stylish bag to help curb unnecessary textile waste. 

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My Goodwill Find: You Won’t Believe How Much I Paid for a Portable Ice Maker!

The warm season is finally upon the Washington D.C. area, which means that we all want to stay as cool as possible….including our drinks! I personally love a tall glass of blackberry lemonade, passionfruit sparkling water, or green iced tea. Having ice on deck is a game-changer and living with an apartment-sized freezer does not give space for ice. 

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My Under $3 Goodwill Finds: Acrylic Resin Trays for Household Uses

Last weekend, I found a trio of acrylic resin trays in the houseware section. Each tray is a different shape with shades of green. The rectangle tray has lifted edges and I envision using it on my counter for my most regularly used spices. The round tray will be used as a trivet for hot pots or dishes to be served for mealtime. I don’t have an exact use for the last tray, but I am sure it will come in great use and will be displayed proudly. 

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