Author: Carolyn Becker

Six Tips for Statement Necklaces

Fashionistas, as you might have seen, I wear statement necklaces quite a bit. No matter what season it is a good statement necklace can spice up any simple or wild outfit. During the fall, I especially like to whip out my gems...

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My New Sneaker Obsession

Fashionistas, I’ll be honest, out of all the clothing and shoes I own, I basically only have  one pair of sneakers. And it’s not because I don’t love them…I know they come in so many fabulous looks and styles! I just don’t know...

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The DCGF Swap & Shop Event Recap

With school coming back in session, it’s easy to spend, spend, spend. Buying books, clothes, furniture….it all can get quite expensive. Despite all of these costs, there’s no reason why we can’t amp up...

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Guilty! The DCGF's Fashion Faux Paux

Dear readers, you know… I consider myself a woman of style. I am utterly fascinated by fashion; how it makes us feel, how it can transform looks, how we get our hands on it, why we buy what we buy, how we put things...

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